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Q: How can I get my money out if my Paypal account is locked?

Jack - 1 Answers
please i have a question about: how can i get my money out if my paypal account is locked?, please answer it
Paypal accounts get locked for various reasons. One of them is, if your country code differs from your IP address. They may assume you're a thief trying to steal someone's account.
Another reason is high priced transactions, can just get their system to freeze your account temporarily. This might take a few days to sort.
They can also block your account when there are disputes in question about a transaction you made. In a situation in which a customer of yours opens a complaint or dispute against you, you need to solve the dispute or the problem in a timely manner.
If you fail to supply all the required information, or issue a refund to the customer, your account can be blocked, and the money in it will be "frozen" until the issue is solved.
I have heard about people who have lost their money to Paypal.
Some issues are not too serious and your account is eventually un blocked; thus you can continue to do business with it. However the history of your account issues will remain.
Perhaps you want to read these nice references:
* http://www.aboutpaypal.org/paypal account blocked
* http://www.aboutpaypal.org/
* http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=266586
* http://www.paypalwarning.com/no reason for block

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