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Q: Does Green Gaming exist?

Lucas - 1 Answers
my new questions is : does green gaming exist?, thank u in advance
In this era of greener computing, are game hardware companies doing enough to be socially and environmentally sound? I don't ask to stir up bad rumors. It's just that I've been unable to find much information on the topic.
:Computers and game systems are ever more difficult to differentiate, and hi tech waste and third world labor are already concerns in the electronics industry as a whole. More and more households own game systems, and increasingly companies are aiming to take over the living room or otherwise expand the capabilities and scope of their consoles. I don't think we're anywhere near the edge of a grand plummet into something terrible, but as an informed consumer I'm hoping this is something that the gaming industry at least has on their radar.
That's a long way from likely. The way the console market operates now, the only way that Green is going to be a consideration is if the manufacturers believe that a Greener system will be the consumer's choice over what will likely be more powerful systems. Does the average gamer think that carbon neutral is better then 1080p? More importantly, does the Industry think that gamers care? If you want Green games, you're going to need to get a few million friends to demand it it's not going to happen otherwise.

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