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Q: How do you make homemade ghee from milk?

Liam - 1 Answers
hi members a question about: how do you make homemade ghee from milk?,please quickly, thanks
Ghee or the clarified butter is the main ingredient in many of the Indian foods. It is better than ordinary butter as it does not burn easily and will retain the freshness of food for longer. It also adds great aroma, flavor and taste to the food. Here is the easiest way for making homemade ghee.
Step by step procedure
# Keep the boiled milk in the refrigerator. Skim the gathered cream on the top of it after few hours. Collect the cream in a bowl over the course of a week or two.
# Churn the cream well in a mixer with the help of ice and water to make butter. Mould it into a ball and refrigerate it for a day. (If you do not have the patience to make butter at home then get two pounds of butter from the store.)
# Cook the refrigerated butter uncovered in a heavy saucepan over a medium heat.
# Reduce the heat to a simmer after a while. Stir it occasionally. Keep it in a steady simmer until it turns golden in colour with no white froth on the surface. The ghee is ready.
# Leave it to cool for half an hour. Later sieve it using a stainless steel mesh strainer or a muslin cloth and transfer it to a large jar and seal it tightly to avoid moisture. It can be stored un refrigerated for several months.
The homemade ghee can be served directly or used in any cuisine for great armor and taste. You can even make use of the leftover in the pan. For instance add some water to the leftover in the pan and bring it to a boil. Re strain this water and keep it in the fridge. This ghee water can be added to the wheat flour dough while making wheat bread or chapattis. The chapattis made from this water will be softer and fluffier than the usual one.

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