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Q: Why start your own medical practice?

Aaron - 1 Answers
my question for members is : why start your own medical practice?, please answer it thanks 4 all

I wanted to share some interesting perks after 6 months in part time solo/solo practice
:By this I mean manipulative, dishonest patients who multiply like mad in a large corporate medical practice where they can jump from one busy doc to the next and manage to get their needs met and keep their dysfunction hidden in the environment of dysfunctional which often exists in these large clinics. Reminds me of the child that plays one parent off the other to get what they want. I believe patients fall to the lowest level of dysfunction within a clinic.
:I find that my patients come to appointment prepared and excited. They would do anything for me because they see that I bend over backwards for them. Having TIME makes this possible.
:Even though I am solo/solo I have so much more time to do things I hav always wanted to do like medical journalism (I have had so many things published in the last 6 months I can't evenkeep track of then all!), medical/ political activism for transforming medical care, and I went to the Astrodomeas a Katrina volunteer for a week right after the storm hit. Being in solo practice it would appear less likely to some that I would have flexibility and time off, BUT SURPRISINGLY I have more flexibility!!! MY patients responded well and were SO PROUD of me for jumping in to help Katrina on my own without any affiliation. The local paper and medical society has published an article I wrote, I was on TV twice, etc, etc. Now the paper is doing a story in my practice in Sundays paper again! Myfriend at a corporate job said she would have to give 2 3 months notice for a few days off! BTW, I did have a friend cover my call when I was gone and it worked great!
:My home business office is where I do scheduling, billing, etc... so I am only in my physical office 3 afternoons a week when I am actually seeing patients. I have simply integtrated my office activities into my home life without a feeling of burden. Hmmm..I'll walk the dog then call a few patients, then make dinner and check on the lab results or print my HCFAs, etc... THIS IS EXCELLENT FOR STAY AT HOME MOMS!!!!

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