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Q: What is a Libertarian?

Dakari - 1 Answers
hi members a question about: what is a libertarian?,please quickly, thanks
Libertarians firmly believe in our individual right to choose and to accept the accompanying responsibilities of those choices. Libertarians accept and champion the equal rights and responsibilities of all individuals regardless of our approval or disapproval of their personal choices.
Libertarianism is about personal freedom, and the other side of the coin, personal responsibility.
The Libertarian Party is the best party for stressing tolerance and respect for the individual.
Libertarians want to restore hope to our inner cities. Libertarians want to rebuild the ladder of opportunity for America's poor. Libertarians are the party of the future, the party of reform, and the party of hope.
Libertarians often clash with bureaucrats. Bureaucrats want to expand a system that pays off their friends, but has failed our children.
Some believe it is a central responsibility of government to educate the child. But Libertarians generally believe that it is the responsibility of the parents.
Democrats and Republicans who are not satisfied with their parties gravitate to the Libertarian Party.
Libertarians support conservative fiscal views but believes the government should get out of
people's lives.

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