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Q: Why do people become vegans?

Imran - 1 Answers
my question for members is : why do people become vegans?, please answer it thanks 4 all
Becoming vegan is often a big lifestyle change for people. Making the decision to go vegan is often a natural progression from vegetarianism, as a person learns more about the effects of the dairy industry on the welfare of cows, bulls and calves and the egg production industry on the welfare of hens and chicks.
One main reason for turning to a vegan diet is to help lessen the exploitation and harm to animals. Other people find great health benefits arise from adopting a properly followed vegan diet, including the reduction of allergies and illnesses triggered by dairy products and eggs.
The environment features as another valid reason to choose a vegan lifestyle. More people can survive on vegan food than on a diet based around meat and dairy products. The reduction in methane levels could also ensue with less dairy industries.
Another ethical issue is the use of grain products to feed meat, milk and egg production. That grain would go much further feeding human beings directly.
;Another Reply

People become vegan because their bodies are intolerant of Cheese, Dairy and Milk products, eg. yoghurt. (in otherwords they are allergic to dairy products, and get rashes and fungus infections from these foods, or cannot breathe after eating these foods.
People can also be albumen intolerant and unable to eat eggs. (Some people reject eggs and become violently ill).

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